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Metal Balustrades

Metal Balustrades

Our wrought iron  Metal Balustrades are uniquely designed and custom-built to fit our client’s exact requirements. View our online showroom and request a quote!

Metal Gates & Fences

We are a Driveway, Security Gate and Metal Fence Company that designs and manufactures Security Gates, Metal Fencing and Driveway Gates as a stand-alone service and as a combined project that compliments each other.

Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircase

Wrought iron spiral staircases are a unique feature that makes a space stand out. View our showcase of spiral staircase projects that contact us for more info!


We offer many other wrought iron manufacture services. Some past projects have included door handles, room dividers, garden decor and much more. 

Metal Sculpting

Metal Sculpting has a proud and well-proven track record of providing exclusive designs, exceptional quality and superior hand-crafted Metal Balustrades, Metal Handrails, Security Gates, Metal Fences and various other crafted metal products since 1990.

We specialise in personal design based on our client’s requirements and desires. Metal Sculpting is considered to be one of the market leaders in the Metal Balustrades, Metal Gates, Handrails and other Sculpted Metal Products.

Unlike many other companies. We do not hand clients a catalogue. We believe that each project is handled exclusively and all ideas are original, thereby offering the discerning decorator guaranteed uniqueness. Only after a consultation at your leisure with our artist will we present you with a unique design to suit your budgetary requirements.

Through years of experience and well-trained sculptors, clients are assured of handcrafted products that will enhance their beautiful environment and provide Security. Metal Sculpting has fashioned many prize concepts for both business and residential developments in exclusive suburbs countrywide and abroad.

We also provide our clients with Driveway Gates, Security Gates and Metal Fencing looking after their security needs.

We are not limited to only supplying our Balustrade and other Metal Services in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Feel free to contact us with your metal sculpting needs where ever you are located.

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